Here are some additional guidelines based on the policies of our streaming channel partners. Following these guidelines will minimize the chance of your content being rejected by the channels for violations of their policies. Note that, unlike our Content Policies, we accept content violating any of these guidelines - doing so just lowers your chances of being picked up.

Any or all these "rules" can, of course, be intentionally broken for creative reasons. We love that, but buyers might misunderstand. They might not look beyond the first, maybe misleading impression. For this case provide the context in the metadata - for example in the description - to help the buyers understand your vision, and increase your chance of being picked up.

Offensive content

Your content may be rejected by the channels for being offensive. The standards vary from channel to channel and certain types of content may have greater leeway.

In general, when you have elements such as sex, nudity, violence, drug use and vulgar language in your work, be thoughtful, and keep in mind what audience your content is made for. Always provide accurate rating information when you submit your content.

Total Run Time

Filmhub accepts all lengths of content. We love shorts! Some channels do have minimum run times they accept. Particularly AVOD channels as they typically can't monetize content as well. Most AVOD channels have minimum total run times between 15 to 40 minutes.

Promotional content

Content made to promote a non-profit or for-profit business or brand is usually not considered by most channels. Also if you have URLs in your videos it's likely to be rejected by Channels.

Visual experience

Your content should rely on a visual experience. For example, a film consisting of only still images with background music, or a single clip of a person talking to the camera, is likely to be rejected by most channels.

Production quality

Good production quality generally means a "professional" look, usually judged by picture definition, color and contrast, camera angles and movements, stability and focus, lighting, set decoration, editing, visual effects, audio clarity, etc. Note that this is independent of technical video specs (refer to our specs) - you could export a clip shot with your phone in 4k ProRes, but doing that doesn't improve its production quality.

We support creators with minimum resources and cherish the DIY spirit, and we understand how production quality assessment can be subjective. We ourselves don't judge. However, most channels still won't consider content that appears to be "amateurish" based on their standards. In general, you should make good use of your resources - there are ways to make a zero budget film look (and sound) like a million dollar.

Sometimes, a "low fi", "video" or "amateur" look and feel is desired for creative purposes. In this case, provide the context in the metadata so the channels don't misjudge your content - see above into these "rules".

Finally, please note that meeting all these guidelines does not guarantee that your content will be picked up by all or any of the channels. After passing technical quality control it becomes available in our global marketplace, ready and promoted to be discovered and selected by the channels. Our platform implements various ways of promotion but has no control over buyers' decisions. Read more about channel curation.

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