Filmhub is a marketplace and as such it allows for your film to be presented to all of our channels. However, not every film is a match for every channel. Channels therefore curate the titles that they license.

Filmhub works to help get your title licensed by as many channels as possible. Our platform combines predictive analytics, powerful discovery tools, and easy one-click ordering to accomplish this goal.

The decision to license sits with the channel. Each makes its own decisions about what to license and when. Filmhub can work to influence, but not control, this process. As a result we cannot tell you when your title will be licensed.

What we can tell you is that Filmhub continues to promote all titles on Filmhub. You may see licenses in the first weeks after passing QC, but you may continue to see new licenses even years later.

We are regularly adding new channel partners to Filmhub and promoting titles to existing channels -- all to give your title the best chance for global distribution.

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