Filmhub is an online content distribution marketplace that takes the entire content distribution process online. Filmhub adds smart data layers for discovery, automated assets fulfillment, and payment flow. 

Filmhub's marketplace allows exhibitors to access content from around the world and filmmakers to access exhibitors from around the world as well.

Filmhub charges no upfront fees to filmmakers. We only get paid when you get paid, retaining a percentage of the amounts received from exhibitors.

Filmhub also provides a suite of services and tools to digitally manage title catalogs of any size.

  • Video assets are archived in our secure and compliant cloud storage.
  • With Global Avails, titles can be browsed, promoted and delivered to channels worldwide quickly and efficiently.
  • Filmhub processes titles to comply with each Channel's specific requirements.
  • Earnings consolidates money earned from every Channel worldwide into a single dashboard.
  • Filmhub's Rights Management system allows filmmakers and content owners a robust system to track the rights of their titles by Territory, Date, License Model and Exhibitor -- with start and end dates for each managed right.

All these features are provided via a simple to use website and its powerful cloud backend.

Content owners – from Indie filmmakers to sales agent to studios – benefit from Filmhub as the one place to reach millions of potential viewers, simply and inexpensively.

Using Filmhub, you can add online Distribution to any of your titles in a matter of minutes.

Filmhub offers benefits previously deemed impossible in the industry free for any content owner.

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