How Often Are Earnings Posted To My Account?

  • Filmhub posts earnings once a calendar quarter, on or before the last day of the quarter. Here's a video to illustrate the timeline.

How Are My Earnings Calculated?

  • Your earnings are calculated based on the amount of money we actually received in the preceding calendar quarter.  

  • View Schedule to see which Reporting Periods have been posted to your Earnings. This data is available for Q1 2020 and onwards.

  • Channels have different payment schedules.  Some pay monthly, some quarterly, and channels typically pay 30, 60 or 90 days after view.

  • We deduct our Twenty Percent (20%) revenue share and post the rest to your Earnings, so our 20% does not show here or on the downloaded statements.

  • Earnings can be viewed at under Money → Earnings.

How Do I Understand My Balance History?

  • Your Balance History shows one line per reported Earning from a channel.  Some channels report one earning amount per month, some report per view, rental, purchase, or impression depending on the month. 

  • The date in Balance History reflects the date that the Earnings were posted to your account and made available for transfer.  It will not match up with the dates seen in your Performance Insights.

How Do I Download my Earnings Statements?

  • Your Earnings Statement can be downloaded in the Earnings section of in CSV format.

  • You can use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to download CSVs only showing certain titles, time periods, and Channels.

Additional Information

  • Earnings may differ from your Performance Insights. Learn more.

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