Some users ask when their title will go from "Delivered" to "Live" status on their dashboard.

Channels don't notify us when a title goes live. We therefore cannot update status to "Live" automatically. "Delivered" means the title is on their platform and control is in their hands now.

 Here’s what to do to get the best out of going live on a channel:

  • After you have received a delivery notification from us, go to the channel's platform and search to see if your title is there. 
  • Check back often. Each channel has their own procedure and timeframe. Some take only a few days, but in most cases please expect anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. This page contains estimated go live time for each channel.
  • Let us know when your title is live, and we will update the status in our system.
  • Let us know if you believe it's taken longer than usual, and we will follow up with the channel from our end.

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