Here at Filmhub, we believe in transparency. Our statements show you all activity for your titles on our marketplace.

Every quarter in which at least one of your titles has earned money we will send you a sales statement. The sales statement contains detailed information that will let you know how we calculated the amount that we are transmitting to you.

Your Sales Statement:

There are two main sections to your Sales Statement; the summary at the top and the detail at the bottom.

Sales Summary:

  • Content Owner is a unique number that our system has assigned to you. This allows for anonymity when necessary. Your statement also has your name on in the center of the statement.
  • Payment Period is the quarter before you receive the report, when we received the money. In this example, this would be a report of money received in the third quarter of 2017.
  • Country is your country of residence as reported by you in the Filmhub app.
  • Tax Information: If you have provided all of your  tax and payment information this will say "COMPLETE." If not, it will say Incomplete, and we will not be able to pay you. 
  • Total Revenue is how much money we collected during the payment period from your titles. You will see the detail in the lower section of the sales statement.
  • Your Share is the amount you will be paid, less tax withholding. Again, the detail is available in the lower section of the sales statement.
  • Tax Withholding Rate and Tax Withholding are used to show the amount of withholding we are required to transmit to the US taxing authority, the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") based on the information that you have provided to us.
  • Payment Amount is the amount that will be sent to you, less any third party fees.

Sales Detail:

The bottom section of your sales statement shows the detail used to calculate your Total Revenue.

  • Report Date is reported by the Channel. Some Channels report the view date, some only provide us with the report date. This date is generally not the date that Filmhub is paid by the Channel.
  • Channel is the Channel that showed your title.
  • Title the name of your work.
  • KN ID this is our internal id number for your title.
  • Sales Type how your title was watched, as reported by the channel.
  • Country of Sale where your title was watched.
  • Units is reported by the channel and may be used to determine the Sales amount. Units may vary from channel to channel and by sales type. For example:

"Purchase" = generally the number of purchases
"Rental" = generally the number of rentals
"Streaming" or "Prime" generally is the number of minutes watched.
Not all channels report "Units." 

  • Sales is the amount of money that the Channel earned in the local currency.
  • Sales Currency is the currency in which the Channel was paid.
  • Exchange Rate is the currency exchange rate as reported to us by the Channel.
  • Revenue This is the total amount that we received from the Channel.
  • Revenue Currency is the currency that we received, generally USD.
  • Rate is Filmhub's revenue share rate.
  • Net is the amount of the Revenue which is due to you.

Payment Information

  • All non-US payments are converted to US dollars, as you can see.
  • All payments from Filmhub are in US dollars.
  • Filmhub pays you via PayPal.
  • Please note that Filmhub's terms and conditions do not require payment unless the amount to be paid exceeds US $100. We established that floor so that fees do not take up an excessive amount of your royalty payment.
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