1. QC (quality control) automatically starts after you submit your title. Our proprietary automated and eyeball tests rigorously keep the highest quality standard and channel technical acceptance rate. (This is technical only, not creative. We don't judge, moderate or reject creatively.) Allow a week to 10 days. You'll get notified along the way. You can also track QC status of each title from your dashboard.
  2. Marketplace listing: After passing QC, your title becomes active in our marketplace. Uncurated channels automatically receive your title. Many channels though are curated. Our predictive analytics and discovery tools help the buyers find the right match. In addition, our team also frequently create curated campaigns. New channels join Filmhub, and so does your title get re-promoted.. (You can limit rights availability with our rights management.) 
  3. Delivery: Our platform processes, packages and delivers your title assets to the channel whenever there’s an order. This is a fully automated cloud process and included for no fee. 
  4. Go-live: After that, the channel processes your title to go live, which can take 2 - 8 weeks or more. (This depends on each channel and is out of Filmhubs control.)

You can track channels activity with your titles – their selection, specific promotions etc – from your dashboard. The “Activity” section at the bottom of your title’s page also shows details of the status with each channel.
Once your titles go live and start generating revenue, you will be able to monitor the performance from the Performance Insights dashboard. Learn more about the reporting and payment process in these articles:

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