Filmhub is a marketplace that markets your titles to our Channel partners.  We do not market your film directly to consumers. Marketing to consumers is done by Channels and Content Owners.

Analyzing your Film

  • When you go through QC, our algorithms analyze your titles for details such as genre, cast, themes, and topics.  We then use this data to pair your title(s) with the right Channel Buyers based on their curation preferences to review your title(s). 

Channel Buyers & How Filmhub Markets to Them

  • Channel Buyers review watchlists of titles sent to them by Filmhub.  Some review weekly, some monthly, some quarterly.   
  • Channel Buyers may also search our catalog using search tools that we provide them and select on their own schedule.
  • Content Owners cannot pick and choose which channels we submit your film to. You can choose which ones we cannot distribute to via Managed Rights.
  • Given Amazon Prime Video's expansive reach and quick reporting, we generally submit here first to begin collecting data. This can greatly increase your Popularity Ranking which is one of the tools Channel Buyers use to evaluate titles.
  • There is no guarantee when a Channel will Select your title. Films perform at different times on Filmhub. Some perform right away, some perform well after a few months or even years in some instances.
  • We also market your title to channels as part of curated watchlists based on themes and topics that channels might be looking for.  For example - horror films around Halloween or beach themed movies leading up to the summer.
  • New channels are constantly added to Filmhub, so don't be worried if you don't see many channels selecting your title at first.  Titles perform well at different points in their lifecycle on Filmhub.

See Delivery to Channels for what happens once a channel selects your title

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