Filmhub markets your titles to our Channel partners.  We do not market your title directly to consumers. Marketing to consumers is done by Channels and you, the filmmaker.

One of our awesome filmmakers, Jason Horton, shared his experience with how this all works here.

Analyzing your Title

  • When your title goes through listing review, our algorithms analyze your titles for details such as genre, cast, themes, and topics.  We then use this data to pair your title(s) with the right Channel Buyers based on their curation preferences to review your title(s). 

Channel Buyers & How Filmhub Markets to Them

  • Channel Buyers review watchlists of titles sent to them by Filmhub.  Some review weekly, some monthly, some quarterly.   These watchlists are generated for Channel Buyers based on a title's Popularity Ranking* and similarity to other Filmhub titles that have performed well on a Channel. We use many pieces of data to rank similarity such as Genre, Tags, Synopsis, Text Track Words, Artwork, etc.

  • Themed watchlists are also created based upon Channel Requests such as "Black Cinema", "LGBTQ+ Films", "Aliens", and "POV Horror", "Christmas Movies", "January New Releases", etc.

  • Watchlists are often reviewed over calls or emails between the Channel Buyers and the Filmhub sales team.

  • Channel Buyers may also search our catalog using search tools that we provide them and select on their own schedule.

  • Content Owners cannot pick and choose which channels we submit your title to. You can choose which ones we cannot distribute to via Managed Rights.

  • There is no guarantee when a Channel will Select your title. Titles perform at different times on Filmhub. Some perform right away, some perform well after a few months or even years in some instances.

  • New channels are constantly added to Filmhub, so don't be worried if you don't see many channels selecting your title at first.  Titles perform well at different points in their lifecycle on Filmhub.

*A Few Notes On Popularity Ranking

Content Owners often ask how they can increase the likelihood that a Channel will select their film. Titles that are high in Filmhub's Popularity Ranking are more likely to get selected by Channels.

One of the most important factors in Popularity Ranking is a title's revenue generated on Filmhub. Filmhub relies on revenue data of how your title has performed vs. other titles in our Catalog. Popularity Ranking also takes into account other details such as festival awards and selections, IMDb Rankings, actors/actresses, and the number of times ordered by Channels.

Your popularity ranking can also increase for a given Channel based on your other title's performance on that channel. For instance - if you have 2 titles that have done well on Amazon & IMDb TV (owned by Amazon), you're more likely to have your other titles rise in Watchlists that Amazon/IMDb TV reviews. So if your film is selected and delivered to a Channel it's very important that you promote it on that Channel so we can see that there is an audience for your title and it should be marketed further to other Channels and the Channel that your delivered title is performing well on.

This means if you choose to use other methods to deliver to some Channels, it can hurt your overall performance on Filmhub. The more revenue you generate on Filmhub, the more likely you are to get selected by other Channels. So for instance, when content owners choose to self distribute on Amazon, it can greatly hurt their future earning potential on Filmhub since we don't have the extra data in our system increasing the title's Popularity Ranking.

A title's popularity ranking also contributes to how likely it is to be added to a watchlist. For instance: If a channel requests the top 20 "POV Horror" titles to review and your title is 25, they will likely not review it.

See Delivery to Channels for what happens once a channel selects your title

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