We understand your desire to track the status of your title after you submit it to Filmhub. Our goal is to make the process transparent and accessible for you.

The first step is QC.

  • After you submit your Title for QC, we put it through a rigorous QC process using both automated and human review of dozens of technical tests. Note: our QC process only checks for technical quality, we do not judge content.
  • During QC if there are any issue you will receive email notification.
  • Similarly, you will receive email notification when your Title passes QC.

For more see Filmhub QC.

The next step is getting your title onto Channels.

You can check the status of your Title on Channels by logging into your account and checking your dashboard. The dashboard will show all activity related to your Title by Channel.

Your Title can have the following statuses:

  • Selected: The Channel has placed an Order for your Title.
  • Delivered: Filmhub has transmitted your Title to the Channel
  • Live: Filmhub has received notification that your Title is available for viewing on the Channel. Please note that Channels do not report to Filmhub when a Title is "Live." 
  • Removed: Your Title was Delivered to the Channel, but is no longer available.
  • Declined: The Channel has decided not to Order your Title.
  • Promoted: Filmhub has made a specific promotion of your Title to the Channel. 

You will also receive an email when your Title is Delivered to a new Channel.

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