The estimates shown in Performance Insights may not be the earnings paid with a sales statement.

Performance Insights allow you to monitor the performance of your titles over time. Sales Statements are the basis for the calculation of amounts paid to you. They serve different purposes. Because of this, Performance Insights may not match your sales statement. This article addresses these potential differences and the reasons for them.

Performance Insights show projections, sales statements show earnings

While sales statements are the binding basis for payments, Performance Insights might include future returns, revisions, reversals, discounts and other changes to amounts and transactions at any time. In return, they provide valuable early access to often updated data, revealing trends and preliminary results.

Performance Insights are subject to change, sales statements are final

Performance Insights draws data from a variety of different sources, including Filmhub’s access to channel back-end data. As a result, Performance Insight data is subject to change as the preliminary data received from channels is updated.

In contrast, your sales statement comes from final reports that Filmhub receives from channels when they pay. These reports are finalized and are not subject to change.

Performance Insights’ intended use is for marketing and planning, sales statements intended use is for accounting

The use case for Performance Insights is geared towards planning, marketing decisions, and to support promotional and other activities.

In contrast, sales statements are made for accounting use cases like billing, taxes, and royalty distribution.

Performance Insights are organized by report date, sales statements are organized by payment date

Performance Insights are organized by when a title is watched in a channel (or more precisely, the date the channel reports for a view). This is the report date. All views with a report date in March will appear in the March on Performance Insights, for example.

In contrast, your sales statement is organized by when a payment is received from a channel. This usually happens later than the report date - often much later, depending on the individual channel’s payment schedule.

Performance Insights are reported based on your local timezone, sales statements are reported based on Pacific Time.

Because Performance Insights are customized to you, their data is presented based on your time zone. The sales statement is generated in our offices in Santa Monica, California (Pacific Time). Time zone differences may result in an entry appearing on one day in your Performance Insight and a different day on your Sales Statement.

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