When you're done entering the title and consider it ready for distribution, click on "Submit" (under "Save"). This button is only enabled after at least the minimally required items are completed.

Once submitted the title is locked for editing, and the Filmhub QC (Quality Control) process starts. If you want to make more changes later, please contact us.

Your title then runs through our rigorous QC process, during which all assets and metadata are tested to meet the technical minimum quality requirements. Your title shows "Pending" status on your dashboard. We will notify you when it passes, or in case anything comes up. Read more about the QC process here.

The QC status on your dashboard changes to "Pass" when your title passed. It now becomes available in our global marketplace and ready to be picked up. The title stays locked at this stage. Read more about the distribution process.

If any issue comes up during QC, we will notify you about the issue(s) and how to fix them. The QC status will change to "Failed", which also unlocks the title so you can fix the issues. When ready, simply hit "Submit" again. Re-submitting a title then locks it and puts it back in "Pending" QC status for it to run through a second round of QC. This repeats until your title passes QC.

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