This is where you enter detailed information for your title. There are 7 subsections covering information needed by the streaming services. Not all the fields are mandatory, but it's highly recommended that you complete as many fields as possible. Please find explanations and tips for each field below.


Enter additional information about your title.

  • Country of origin: usually the country of the principal offices of the production company or individual by whom the work was made
  • Year of production: the year the title is produced
  • Budget (optional): the budget of the project
  • Running time: running time of the title in minutes. For series, put in the total running time of all episodes; for episodes, put in the running time of the episode.
  • Copyright: in the format of "YYYY + copyright owner", e.g. "2011 Transnational Productions". Avoid © symbol.
  • Secondary genres (optional): select up to five secondary genres
  • Trailer link (optional): YouTube or Vimeo URL. This doesn't replace the trailer video. Please still upload a trailer video asset whenever available.
  • Locations (optional): locations involved in filming. You can add multiple.
  • Production companies: name of the production companies. You can add multiple.
  • Tags: single keywords or phrases that can be used to describe your title. These can be genres, moods, places, etc. Add as many as you wish. Type a tag and hit enter to save. Auto-fill suggestions are based on tags added by other users for their titles.
  • Notes (optional): miscellaneous information not covered in other metadata fields that you think we should have. e.g. "Title has unusual aspect ratio" or "Title master only available with burned-in English subtitles".
  • Vendor ID (optional): your own internal ID of the title. Usually used by catalog owners to find and track their titles.
  • SKU: a unique identification number we generate for identifying your film in our system. This is not editable.


Pricing settings for TVOD streaming services. You can choose one of the below pricing tiers:

  • High price tier (major motion picture)
  • Medium price tier (independent new release)
  • Low price tier (back catalog, SD, short films, etc)

Or you can set custom pricing based on average rental price and average purchase price. We will use the price you set whenever allowed.


Add additional descriptions of your title.

  • Sales pitch (optional): max 300 characters including spaces. This is not the synopsis. The sales pitch is where you sell the title to the streaming service buyers. Use spare language (few words) to hit the selling points, like a compelling subject, name talent, festival success, press reviews, and quotes – above all, what makes the title amazing!
  • Tagline (optional): a few words – maximum a sentence – that sums up this title. Sometimes called a logline.
  • Other descriptions (optional): descriptions of your title in other languages. One for each language, add as many as you want. A language must be selected for each description you add here.

Marketing & Links

Add links to IMDB or additional video content, social media profiles, websites, blogs, press, etc. Add any online resources that might increase the chance of your title being selected by the streaming services. Add as many as you want.

For each link, select a type from the drop-down list, then put in a valid URL.

For IMDB, put in the IMDB ID (in the format of tt1234567) and click "Get Rating". Our system will automatically grab rating data.

Festivals & Awards

Add festivals that have accepted/awarded your title. Add multiple. For each:

  • Choose from a list of “Tier A” festivals
  • For "Other" festivals, include full name and year of the festival, e.g. Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, 2012. Or full name and year of the award, e.g. New York Film Critics Circle, 2010.

Cast & Crew

Add cast and crew names. Add as many as you want. For each:

  • Cast: put in each name in the format of First Name Last Name, no comma. A minimum of one cast/talent name is required, even for documentaries. Role is optional.
  • Crew: put in each name in the format of First Name Last Name, no comma. Select a job title. A minimum of one direct is required.


Add rating information of your title.

  • Content Ratings: select all content ratings applicable to your title. You may select one for each rating system (for example one MPAA rating, one UK rating, etc). Select "MPAA: Not Rated" if your title hasn't been rated.
  • Rating Reasons (optional): check reasons for the rating for the Title. Leave blank if none are applicable. It's highly recommended that you use these checkboxes especially when your film hasn’t been officially rated.
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