The title form is where you upload assets and enter metadata for your titles. To access the title form, add a new title or click on an existing one from the title list on your dashboard, then click on the "Edit" button on the right.

Getting Started


Enter the name of your title in English.

  • Use Title Case. Avoid ALL CAPS.
  • Only enter the actual name of your title. Do not add additional information such as "- The Series" or "Award Winning Film".
  • The Name must match the name in any title card in your video files (for English titles) or the name in the English text track (for non-English language titles)

Note: For non-English titles It is often better to use an English translation of the foreign language titles rather than a transliteration. This is just a suggestion and not a rule, as often the foreign language title works better. For example "Rashomon" is a better title than its translation "castle wall gate."


Enter a short description of your title in English. This is the very first piece of information both Channels and audience will read when they look at your title. Make it concise and intriguing. Make every word count, nothing superfluous.

  • Maximum 255 characters including spaces
  • Avoid typos or grammar mistakes. Use services like Grammarly to help you check.
  • Use standard sentence case. Avoid ALL CAPS.
  • This is often a brief summary or a plot outline of your title, but you could also mention major festivals/awards or include press quotes from prestigious sources.

Primary Genre

Choose the closest genre matching your Title. Secondary genres can be added later in the Metadata section.

Title Forms has 7 main sections. Each has a chapter in our User Manual to walk you through the submission process:

  • Basics
  • Episodes (available for Series only)
  • Videos
  • Metadata
  • Rights Management
  • Images
  • Documents

Tips and Tricks

  • Click "Save" above the sidebar on the right to save your changes. Remember to save often.
  • Click "Submit" when you are done editing to submit the title for distribution. The button is disabled until you complete all the mandatory items.
  • Click "Delete" to delete a title along with all its related data and uploads. Be careful - there is no undo.
  • The sidebar on the right provides easy navigation
  • The badge next to each section in the sidebar counts the number of mandatory items to complete in the section. All these mandatory items are also highlighted in Orange in the title form.

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