The Filmhub in-browser uploader is optimized for large "broadcast master" video assets. There is no software or plugin to install, and no limit to file size and upload duration. Files are also verified while uploading and again when upload finishes.

Upload Duration

Master video assets are often large and can take a while to upload. Upload times can range from a couple of hours to several days. This is completely normal. Just leave your browser window open and your computer running. (Remember to disable any energy saving sleep mode).

We've had many uploads from remote locations going for more than a week. Our software is optimized for such long running uploads. While it might take a while, uploads do not fail.

Resume Upload

You can also pause, interrupt and then resume uploads from where it was left off - for example, if you accidentally close the browser window, or in case your internet connection drops for a moment. Simply call up the same page in our app, click Resume, select the same file, and upload continues.

Uploads go directly to the Filmhub cloud storage which has virtually unlimited capacity and ingest bandwidth. But depending on your location, your upload speed might vary. Here's we optimize upload speed - and how you can help.

Maximum Upload Speed

Our software uploads multiple parts ("chunks") of a video file in parallel to maximize upload speed. While uploading, it adds parallel uploading tasks until the full upload bandwidth of your internet connection is reached. This always uses the maximum speed your local internet connection allows.

There's nothing you need to do to maximize upload speed. Just leave your browser open.

Multiple Location Upload

But there's even faster uploads possible by using multiple locations. Here's how it works.

  1. Start the upload at your primary location, for example your home

  2. Copy your video file to an external hard drive

  3. Take that hard drive to a second upload location, for example your postproduction facility

  4. Resume the upload.

  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for as many locations as you want.

This virtually bundles the upload speed of every location into one very fast upload. Our cloud puts the file securely back into one piece, and verifies file integrity.

Important: Use a copy of the exact same file in every location. Our uploader quickly checks before starting to make sure you do.

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