Trailers are not mandatory. However, many streaming services, especially TVODs, do require trailers. Uploading a trailer for your title definitely enables us to market and distribute to more outlets.

Please note that an external trailer link doesn't work as an actual video asset. If you can provide a trailer, please always add it as a video file from "Videos" section.

Requirements for trailers:

  • Trailers should have the same tech specs (codec, container, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.) as main videos. Please refer to our video specs.
  • Trailers should not be longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • No promotional URLs (links to websites, Facebook, etc.)
  • No rating cards.
  • Avoid text with information that doesn't apply to VOD release, such as "coming soon" or "in theaters Aug 2017".
  • Avoid text with information mentioning a certain VDO platform, such as "Available now on iTunes".
  • Burned-in English subtitles are recommended for non-English titles. This is because most channels don't support separate subtitles for trailers.
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