This is the second section of the title form and where you upload your video files and text tracks (caption files). You can upload files in any size and start, stop, and resume your upload at any time. Read more in uploading large video masters.

Add Video - upload a file

Click "Add Video" to add a video. You will see the below fields for each video you add:


Choose from the below:
Main Video:

  • One main video is required for single works and episodes. There can be multiple main videos only when they are localized with audio dubbings in different languages. It's not allowed to have more than one main videos with the same spoken language.
  • A series page doesn't have a main video since each episode is uploaded to its own page.


  • A trailer is highly recommended. Refer to our trailer requirements.
  • For series, there's usually just one trailer for the entire series or for each season added to the series parental page.
  • If you have a trailer for each episode, feel free to add to each corresponding episode. Notice that this is not usual and won't show up on most streaming services since they only support one trailer for each series/season.

Other Video: deleted scenes, making-of videos, interviews, etc. This can be any additional video materials you would like to provide. Add as many as you want, we will include them whenever allowed.

Spoken Language

Choose the primary language that is spoken in this video


This is where you upload your video file. Click "Browse" to choose a file from your local computer in a popup window and click "Upload" to start uploading. As the file is being uploaded, you can:

  • Click "Abort" to cancel. This will stop the process and erase your partial upload. There is no undo.
  • Shut down the page will pause the upload. You can come back at any time to resume. Refer to uploading large video masters.


An optional short description of your video. This is specifically for the video file and different from the title description found in Basics section.


You can enter optional notes here. It can usually be used to give our team technical information of the video file, for example, audio channel configuration information or known issues that you can't fix on your end.

There are two more sub-sections for each video you add:

Chapters & Ad Breaks

While adding Chapter and Ad Breaks are optional, doing so will help you to maximize the value of your title. Filmhub gives you the ability to control your title's pacing by inserting ad breaks at logical places.

AVOD is a growing among Channels. Many AVOD Channels require designed ad breaks. Even if a Channel does not require ad breaks, it is a good idea to increase the viewer's experience.

Chapter and Ad Breaks only apply to the main video. There are typically 10-12 chapters for a feature-length title (one chapter every 7 - 12 minutes), but this is flexible. Chapter 1 always starts at timecode 00:00:00:00, and no ad breaks should be added during the ending credits.

While editing (or entering) your title:

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the video file you want to add breaks to.
  • From here you should be able to add time codes for ad breaks under “Chapters & Ad Breaks”.
  • Label the breaks for easy understanding of where they happen in your film
  • Then enter the hours, minutes, seconds, and frames of the timestamp. Ex: HR:MN:SC:FF

Each Chapter has three fields:

  • Name - name of the chapter
  • Time - timecode of the start point of the chapter. It's also the time location where the advertisement break is inserted.
  • Thumbnail Time: timecode of the thumbnail. The frame at this exact time location is used as the thumbnail image for this chapter on some streaming services.

We recommend placing ad breaks every 7 - 10 minutes of your title. It is best to place an ad break after a scene's end or before a major lighting change. Try to avoid placing ad breaks in the middle of a monologue, dialogue, or action sequence.

Text Tracks (Captions & Subtitles)

Add text tracks (caption files) here. Text tracks are only required for the main video. Please refer to our caption file requirements here.

You can add multiple text tracks to a video. Each has these below fields:

  • Kind - Closed captions vs. open captions
  • Language - the language of the text track
  • Frame Rate - only affects SCC files. Select a frame rate first before you upload the file.
  • File - this is where you upload your caption file.

To delete a text track, hover your mouse over it and click on the red delete icon that shows up to the left. To change the order of existing text tracks, click and hold your mouse on the list icon to the right to drag it up and down.

Delete Video

Click on the Delete button in the bottom right corner of the video section to delete a video. This will remove the video along with all its information and files, including chapters & ad breaks info and text tracks. Be careful - there is no undo.

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