This is where you upload additional images. For artwork requirements and examples please refer to these articles.

There are two subsections.


Here are slots for 5 additional pieces of artwork in different dimensions:

  • Portrait 3:4
  • Landscape 16:9
  • Landscape 16:6 (optional)
  • Landscape 4:3 (optional)
  • Landscape 2:1 (optional)

Click "Select Image" to select a file on your computer and click "Upload" to upload it to our system. Make sure each image you upload has the correct aspect ratio. An image is only saved after you click "Save" in the sidebar.

Once uploaded, a preview is available. If the image you uploaded doesn't fit into the required dimensions, our system automatically applies a crop. Always check the preview to make sure it looks correct in our system.

To replace an image, click "Delete" to first to delete the existing file.

Other Images

Here you can add set stills, making-of images, more posters, star portraits, and other production or talent images. There are no requirements on dimensions. You can put in a short description for each of the images you add here. Add as many as you want.

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