The video player is a key component of Filmhub. It allows our Channel partners, our team, and our content owners, to stream videos directly.

Whenever a video is uploaded to Filmhub, our system automatically creates a “Preview” for streaming purposes. Although all video files are stored and delivered with much higher quality output, Previews are heavily compressed for seamless streaming. This will make your film also appear slightly darker.

Previews are generally available within a few hours of upload, depending on the length and size of the original video file. The play icon turns green when a Preview is ready.

To play a video, click its Play icon. 

When a video is playing, hover your mouse over the player window to show the Play/Pause button, progress bar, volume control, and full-screen switch.

We highly recommend that you perform eyeball tests using our video player each time you add a video. Common QC issues can be easily detected. A few examples:

  • If you see black edges around the image, it means the video is padded in the source (it's not the player). Padded videos (added letterbox/pillarbox) are not recommended. See Video Requirements.

  • If the image appears stretched, it’s very likely that your video has anamorphic pixels. See Video Requirements.

  • Pay attention to fast-moving objects or camera pans. This allows you to catch issues such as interlacing and image stutter (duplicated frames). See Video Requirements.

  • Listen closely - ideally with decent headphones or speakers. Is the audio mix balanced? Any distortion/clipping? Any muted dialogues? etc. See Video Requirements.

Checking Text Tracks

Preview also allows checking text tracks.

Click the “CC” icon in the bottom right corner and select the text track you want to check.

We recommend checking a few random spots to make sure text tracks show up in the correct format and stay in sync throughout the video.  Do the words on the screen match what people are saying at that exact time?

You can also share Previews outside of Filmhub. Each Preview contains a secure screening link. Sharing this link will allow anyone with the link to watch the Preview whether or not they have a Filmhub account.

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