You can enter distribution rights to your titles with Filmhub's right management, including for dates in the future. It's always advisable to enter all known rights before submission, including future sunset dates, i.e. when rights revert to other rights holders.  

Sometimes rights do change after submission - for
example if you enter into traditional (exclusive) distribution deals some time down the road.

Here is how to reflect that rights change in Filmhub:

  1. Request for your title to be "unlocked." To learn more, please read Making changes after submission.
  2. Once the title is unlocked, update the available rights with a sunset date of today (or the day that rights will no longer be available). To learn more, see Set managed rights

This signals our platform that the title will no longer be available after that date. Buyers will no longer be able to order the title then. If you title needs to be taken down from channels already delivered to, please submit a Take down request.

If there is a new rights owner, we'd appreciate to let  us know who - the wonderful title should continue to generate revenue for its creators we think! (And you might qualify for a referral - please ask).

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