Here is a complete and simplified timeline from when you list a title to when you get paid.

  1. List a Title - You upload videos and other required assets according to Filmhub's Requirements. Once you submit, our team will review your listing (typically within 3-5 business days) to verify all requirements have been met. Once confirmed, your title will be listed on Filmhub.

  2. Channel Selection - Channel buyers browse Filmhub and receive automated curated lists from Filmhub's algorithms. Channel buyers select titles at different intervals and the selection is ultimately up to each channel (typically you'll have some selections in 3-4 weeks). However, all titles on Filmhub are being promoted by our system to new and existing buyers. See our How Filmhub Markets Your Film article for more info.

  3. Delivery - When a channel selects your title, we process, package, and deliver all the assets to their requirements. Your dashboard will be updated to show that your title has been "Selected" by a channel. The process happens automatically and usually finishes within a few days. Once we deliver a complete asset package to a channel, the status of that title will change to "Delivered".  See our Monitoring Title Status article for more info.

  4. Go-live - After a title is delivered, the channel goes through its internal processes to present your title to its users. This process is entirely out of Filmhub's hands, and the go-live time varies from channel to channel. This process can take anywhere from 48 hours to 12 weeks. Unfortunately, channels do not report to us when a title goes "live." 

  5. Channel Performance - Channels report performance stats to Filmhub after a title starts generating revenue. The amount of data and the reporting frequency varies from channel to channel. We update your Performance Insights with all data we obtain from channels. See our Performance article for more info.

  6. Channel Payment - Channels pay Filmhub after the title starts generating revenue. The time that it takes for a channel to pay Filmhub varies from channel to channel. See our Earnings Overview article for more info.

  7. Filmhub pays you - Filmhub collects, audits, and processes payments from all the channels. We take 20% and post 80% to your Earnings.  See our Transfer Basics article for more info on how to Transfer these Earnings to your PayPal.

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