Filmhub collects a wide range of data to help our system promote your content to relevant streaming channel buyers. Selecting relevant genres is a crucial step in the submission process, and this article provides basic knowledge and helpful tips on how to select genres for your title.

Primary Genre

Filmhub's primary genres are commonly accepted, broad program types ("Drama", for example). The primary genre field is mandatory, one (and only one) primary genre must be selected for each title.

We understand that your title might not fit into only one genre - just select  the most relevant for your title then.

Secondary Genre

The secondary genre field pulls from an expanded list. It contains:

  • All the top level genres found in primary genres. This allows you to indicate a mixed genre title.
  • Commonly accepted sub-genres of the primary genres ("Horror | Slasher", for example). This allows you to narrow it down for our search engine, and helps the channels put your title into sub-categories on their platform.
  • More descriptive genres that don't need to be associated with any specific primary genres ("Family", for example, can be added to a wide range of primary genres). This allows you to easily identify some of the frequently searched for themes or elements.

Secondary genres are not mandatory, but they significantly improve your title's discoverability in our global marketplace. You can add up to 5 for each title. 

An example: Say you have a horror-comedy-zombie mashup like "Shaun of the Dead". Here's how you can make the best of our genre lists: 

  1. Pick a primary genre. In this case, we say horror is more relevant than comedy, so select "Horror" in the primary genre field.
  2. Add another top level genre to the secondary genre field. In this case, "Comedy".
  3. Based on the top level genres you have added, add more specific sub-genres to the secondary genre field. In this case, you can add "Horror | Creatures" and "Comedy | Parody".
  4. Find more relevant secondary genres. "Cult", for example, would also fit here. Add up to 5 total.

Lists of genres can be subjective and are often heavily discussed in the filmmaker community. If you believe we're missing a common genre please let us know. We do consider filmmaker feedback to expand our list, especially for secondary genres.

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