Many content owners sign up and distribute themselves on Amazon Prime Video before they realize the benefits of working with Filmhub for Amazon.

If you'd like for Filmhub to distribute your title on Amazon Prime Video here are the steps to move over your title. Don't worry we will get all reviews switched over to the new submission! All earnings received with the title under your account will be paid directly to you.

  1. Remove the title from availability on Amazon Prime Video. See here for instructions.

  2. Message us at support *at* with the message "I have removed my title from Amazon Prime Video and would like to have Filmhub submit to all available territories. Here is the old Amazon URL: *AMAZON PRIME VIDEO TITLE URL*". Include a screenshot of your URL showing the title is no longer live.

  3. We will then deliver your title to Amazon Prime Video. It typically takes 5-7 business days for Amazon Prime Video to take the title live.

  4. Once it is live, we will work with Amazon Prime Video to switch the reviews from the old listing to the new listing and remove the old listing from search at

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