In addition to selecting primary and secondary genres, you can add free form tags for your titles. Though not mandatory, tags significantly improve your title's discoverability both in our catalog and on the channels' platforms. Here are our suggestions for using tags.

  • Be descriptive and specific - use words that best describe your title. These can be themes, objects, moods, feelings, etc. Avoid vague and generally applicable tags such as "good", "amazing", "films", "story", etc.

  • Be concise - use single keywords or short phrases. We allow spaces in tags but try to limit each tag to no more than 3 words. Avoid spelling mistakes. No hashtags or other unneeded punctuations.

  • No redundant information - tags should not overlap with information already provided in other metadata fields such as cast & crew names, country of production, year of production, festivals, etc, and especially genres. We have a very comprehensive genre list. Type into the secondary genre field to see if we have it before you tag your title with "family", "parody", or "superhero", just to give a few examples.

  • No misinformation - no false or misleading information. However, you may use known brands as tags when relevant. For example, tagging your Bruce Lee tribute Kungfu film "Bruce Lee" is acceptable.

  • Use auto-suggest - start typing in the tags field and see what shows up in auto-suggest. These are what other Filmhub users are tagging their titles with and will be very helpful references.

  • The more, the better - Add as many tags as you want based on the above guidelines.

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