See here for Chapter & Ad Break Requirements.

While editing (or entering) your title:

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the video file you want to add breaks to.

  • From here you should be able to add time codes for ad breaks under “Chapters & Ad Breaks”.

  • Chapter 1 always starts at timecode 00:00:00:00.

  • Then enter the hours, minutes, seconds, and frames of the timestamp. Ex: HR:MN:SC:FF

  • Label the breaks for easy understanding of where they happen in your film.

  • It is best to place an ad break after a scene's end or before a major lighting change.

  • Try to avoid placing ad breaks in the middle of a monologue, dialogue, or action sequence.

  • Make sure your frames in the time codes are < your video's frame rate or you will not be able to save.

Each Chapter has three fields:

  • Name - name of the chapter.

  • Time - timecode of the start point of the chapter. It's also the time location where the advertisement break is inserted.

  • Thumbnail Time: timecode of the thumbnail. The frame at this exact time location is used as the thumbnail image for this chapter on some streaming services.


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