While there is no cost to list on Filmhub, filmmakers sometimes need help with their assets or wish to make changes after their initial submissions. Here is our rate card:


Image Creation Service - $275/title

  • Provide Filmhub with 3-5 images and our graphic designers will create new artwork for your titles.

  • We create all image sizes that Filmhub accepts as part of this work.

  • If you want small revisions made to the images we can revise for $100/per round of revisions.

Image Correction Service - $125/title

  • Sometimes your images need a slight update to remove some production company logos, fix some stretching or padding issues, remove a billing block, etc.


Chapters & Ad Break Creation - $125/title

  • We'll analyze your film and create the ad break metadata so that your film can be licensed by our Channels.

Removal of Letterboxing/Pillarboxing - $25/title

  • Filmhub doesn't accept titles with letterboxing/pillar boxing. We only take active video. If you need help, we can remove it for you.

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