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Blocking Channels & Requesting Takedowns
Blocking Channels & Requesting Takedowns

Removing a title from a Channel and sunsetting your title

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Blocked Channels

To access Blocked Channels, you must be a member of our Producer+ Community. Click here to join.

If you are already a member of the Producer+ Community, Simply contact us via the widget below on the right or [email protected] with the title and the channel(s) to remove.

Filmhub will notify the channel(s) swiftly of the block request. You can track the removal status in your dashboard. The license will be set to Removed when the channel is properly notified.

The amount of time it takes for the title to go offline depends on the channel and is out of Filmhub’s control. Each channel has its procedures and timeline for removals. We cannot delete titles from your account because earnings may still be collected for your title.

My titles make the most money on Amazon, Apple, and Tubi. Why would I want my titles on any other Channels? It will just cannibalize my revenue.

  • Yes, specific Channels will make the lion’s share of your revenue, but there are a few important details you need to think about:

    • Small channels grow - 5 years ago, no one wanted their title to be on advertising-based services such as Roku and Tubi; now, everyone is fighting to get there.

    • Channels pay similar rates - Filmhub works to negotiate industry standard rates or better. When you say Tubi pays better than Plex, it’s generally just that Tubi has more watchers. Hence, your title is more likely to generate more money but receives similar per-view revenue.

    • Discovery on Channels - Most films outside the major studio system with large marketing budgets are now discovered via algorithms on streaming channels, not marketing dollars. If you’re not even on a streaming service that services a customer in your genre and that customer is searching for a film to watch on that service, how will they have a chance of finding your film?

Why do I have to join the Producer+ Community to Block Channels?

  • When you license your title to a distributor, they don’t generally give you the ability to Block Channels because you have signed away your rights. With Filmhub, we want to give you that capability, but it is a service that needs to be paid for.

  • Distributors normally charge thousands of dollars to onboard, Q.C. & package your title. They also charge you 100s to thousands of dollars per delivery to each Channel. This is just one of the ways that other distributors can swindle producers. Our goal is to keep costs as low as possible, so we will always have a free plan for our producers, but that plan will have limits. Since we don’t charge for onboarding, QCing, and packaging, we need to make our money on the revenue we generate. However, if you block a channel, we can’t make the revenue we’ve lost by not charging for QC, delivery, etc. This is why we ask you to join our Producer+ Community if you want to Block Channels.

Requesting a Full Takedown

If you want to take down a title fully, please message [email protected] with the exact title link and we will handle the notification of the Channels of your takedown.

Paid Service Fees for Takedowns:

  • $99 fee per title takedown across all clients

    • After three (3) years of being on Filmhub, removing a title is free of charge for producers.

    • After five (5) years of being on Filmhub, removing a title is free of charge for catalog import clients.

  • Payment must be received in full for Filmhub to begin taking down your title and notifying Channels

Earnings Received After Takedown

You may also continue to receive Earnings after takedown from revenues generated before going offline. These payments will be posted to your account according to our standard timelines. See Earnings Overview for more information.

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