Filmhub empowers content owners to self-distribute their titles directly to streaming services around the world.

Filmhub charges no fees to filmmakers. We only get paid when you get paid, retaining 20% of earnings received from your films.

Filmhub also provides a suite of services and tools to digitally manage catalogs of any size.

  • Video assets are archived in our secure cloud storage.

  • With our Catalog, channels can select and receive instant delivery of titles according to each channel's specific requirements.

  • With Money, content owners can see all money earned from every Channel worldwide into a single dashboard.

  • With Rights Management, content owners can track the rights of their titles by Territory, Date, Language, License Model and Channel -- with start and end dates for each managed right.

All Content Owners (distribution companies, sales agents, indie filmmakers, and studios) – benefit from Filmhub as the one place to reach millions of potential viewers, simply and inexpensively.

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