Waiting For QC to Be Completed
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We run rigorous QC (quality control) checks to make sure your title is eligible for as many channels as possible. A combination of automated file-based procedures and manual eyeball tests provides thorough checking of video, audio, artwork, caption files, and metadata. This is technical only, not creative. We don't judge, moderate or reject creativity.

QC starts right after you submit a title. You can track the QC status of each title from your dashboard. 

  • If your title passes QC, you will see a "Pass" status, and we will send you an email notification. 

  • If there's something wrong, you will see a "Fail" status, and we will send you an email with details and instructions. A Failed status also allows you to make changes. Once you are able to make all the changes we requested, you can resubmit the title for QC again. This could repeat until your title passes QC.

  • Please note: If your title does not pass QC within 3 attempts, we will be unable to re-QC your title so please review all requirements in detail.

Allow 3-5 business days for us to QC a title. Following our requirements helps your title pass our QC sooner.

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