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Statements: Understanding Verified Transactions
Statements: Understanding Verified Transactions

How to read the Statements tab and analyze your earnings

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  • Verified Transactions only show transactions that have been Verified & Transferred.

  • One line per verified earning reported by a channel. Some Channels report one earning amount per month, and some report per view, rental, purchase, or impression.

  • Date - The date that the earnings were paid by the Channel

  • Type - The type of transaction.

  • Info - Extra information about the transaction such as if it failed, what Channel or Title it relates to.

  • For Period From & Ending - The License Period in which the Channel reported the amounts were paid for.

  • You can filter your view to show only Debits, Credits, and Transfer Requests, or click "All" to see all transactions.

  • You can also filter by date range, channel, and/or title

How Do I Download My Statements?

  • Your Statements can be downloaded in the Statements section by clicking Export CSV.

  • Statement CSV exports include both gross earnings (before Filmhub’s commission) and net earnings (after Filmhub’s commission).

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