Monitoring Title Status
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Once you have passed our QC, you can check the status of your Title on Channels by logging into your account and checking your dashboard. The dashboard will show all activity related to your Title by Channel.

Your Title can have the following statuses:

  • Selected: The Channel has placed an Order for your Title.

  • Delivered: Filmhub has sent your Title's assets & metadata to the Channel.

  • Removed: Your Title was Delivered to the Channel, but it has since been taken down.

  • Declined: The Channel has decided not to Order your Title.


Will I Know If My Title Was Declined by a Channel?

  • Rarely, most Channels just skip the titles that they are not interested in.

How Can I Tell if My Title Is Live on a Channel?

  • Channels do not report to Filmhub when a title goes live.

  • Once your title has a Delivered status, go to the channel's platform and search for your Title. Check back often as it generally takes Channels 2 - 12 weeks to push your title live. This depends on each Channel and is out of Filmhub's control.

  • If it's been longer than 12 weeks, let us know and we will contact the channel to see what's up. It is possible that the Channel is taking longer to push it live due to their internal release schedules or they have decided not to take the title live.

Can Filmhub Provide Me With a Live URL for My Title on a Given Channel?

  • Unfortunately, channels do not provide us with a URL for your title. You will have to search for this yourself. This is true even for larger channels such as Amazon Prime Video & Tubi TV.

  • Since some channels display content on platforms such as Roku, Xumo, Pluto TV, Fire TV, iOS, etc. they may not even have URLs available.

When Will I See My First Performance Insights?

  • It can sometimes take upwards of 6 months after delivery before Performance Insights are available for a given channel due to reporting timelines. Channels generally report Monthly or Quarterly.

  • Performance Insights will vary from your actual Earnings received.

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