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Transfer: Verify & Transfer Earnings
Transfer: Verify & Transfer Earnings

How to verify earnings and transfer them to your PayPal

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In this guide:

When are Earnings available to Verify & Transfer?

  • Funds are made available for you to Verify & Transfer as soon as Channels pay Filmhub according to the Schedule, which shows timelines for expected performance reporting as well as historical and planned payments

What Do I Need To Do To Be Paid?

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  • We pay via PayPal so please open an account if you haven't already

  • To confirm PayPal is available in your country to receive Transfers, check here.

  • Complete the Taxes section on your Dashboard (Learn more about Taxes: Setting up my Tax Info requirement).

  • For security reasons, Filmhub team members cannot edit your PayPal account information.

  • Your PayPal email is only used to withdraw funds and not for communication. It can be different from your contact email.

Transfer Process

  • To request a transfer, click on the Transfer tab on the left-hand menu bar.

  • You will need to proceed with the Verification and Earnings Calculation before the transfer can occur.

  • We transfer in United States Dollars (US$).

  • You will be able to see the total available funds, the amount to be withheld for taxes depending on your country, and the amount that will be transferred, as well as the likely processing fees on PayPal.

    • In the example below, the country of residence is Canada, which requires a 10% withholding.

  • Once you Certify & Request Transfer the earnings will arrive in your PayPal account in (2-3 days). Once the Earnings arrive in your PayPal the Earnings will be fully Verified and will show in Performance & Statements

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