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Clicking on a title from the title list on your dashboard takes you to its title view. The title view shows you all the information and assets of a title on a single page.

On the page, you will see the same sections shown on the title form. To make changes, click on "Edit" from the right side to go to the title form. You can only access the title form when your title is in "Edit" or "Failed" status. The "Edit" button is hidden in other statuses to disable editing. Read more about the submission workflow here.

Scroll down to the bottom of the title view to see the activity list. This shows you everything that has happened to your title, including:

  • Selected by a streaming service

  • Delivered to a streaming service

  • Removed from a streaming service. This can be a takedown request from you or expiration on the streaming service's title end.

  • Declined by a streaming service. Note that titles mostly are “silently” declined by buyers, which doesn’t show up here. Only declines specifically entered by a potential buyer show here.

A few more tips for you to better understand and use the title view:

  • The title view is not public. Only you, our team members, and the streaming services have access, and the streaming services can only access when the title has passed QC.

  • The streaming services look at the exact same page when they review your title. Fill out as many metadata fields as possible and upload good-looking posters to make your title look more appealing.

  • A secure screening link is automatically created for each title. It allows you to easily share a title you have uploaded to Filmhub. This link is public, no login required to access.

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