How To: Add Your Title's Profile

How to add your title's Profile.

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Under the Profile tab on your dashboard, please complete each field by typing in the proper information and/or using the dropdown menus.

💡Note: While some fields are marked as optional, we highly recommend completing every field so Channels (and their audiences) can see as much information as possible about your title.

In this guide:


  • Enter the name of your title in English

  • ✔️ Use Title Case

  • ✔️ Only enter the actual name of your title

  • ✔️ The Name must match the title in your video files (for English titles) or the name in the English text track (for non-English language titles)

  • ❌ Do not enter in ALL CAPS

  • ❌ Do not add additional information such as “The Series” or "Award Winning Film”

💡Tip for Non-English titles: It is often better to use an English translation of the foreign language title rather than a transliteration. This is just a suggestion and not a rule, as often the foreign language title works better. For example, “Rashomon,” is a better title than its translation, "Castle Wall Gate."


  • Write a brief plot summary (in English) of your Movie or Show

  • This is what end consumers will read to get them hooked on your title’s story

  • ✔️ Use a maximum of 255 characters including spaces

  • ✔️ For Non-English, or localized dubbed titles, include the audio language description under "Other descriptions"

  • ❌ No typos or grammar mistakes (Grammarly can help you check)

  • ❌ Avoid ALL CAPS

Sales Pitch

  • This is your chance to "pitch" your title to prospective channels

  • ✔️ You have 300 characters to sell your movie: SELL IT!

  • ✔️ Focus on elements of the film that make it stand out

    • This can include but is not limited to a unique visual style or a void in the film market that your title is filling. What about it makes it different from the rest or, on the contrary, what film is it similar to?

  • ❌ Do not write a synopsis or waste words on the plot


  • First, select your title’s primary genre (will appear in blue)

  • Any subsequent genres you select will be your title’s secondary genres (will appear in grey)


  • Select as many relevant keywords related to your narrative from the dropdown menu

Original Release Date

  • Approximate production completion date if not previously released

Countries of Production

  • List the country of the principal production office first

  • Select any other relevant countries for your production

Filming Locations

  • Select from common countries and cities or add new

Audio Language

  • The primary language spoken

  • Must upload the main video to enter

Trailer Audio Language

  • The primary language spoken in the trailer

  • Must upload the trailer to enter

Cast & Crew

  • Cast: Enter each name in the format of First Name Last Name, no comma

    • A minimum of one cast/talent name is required - if not applicable, enter "[no cast]" as the only cast name.

  • Crew: Enter each name in the format of First Name Last Name, no comma. Select a job title.

    • A minimum of one director is required.

  • One entry per name. If an actor plays multiple roles or a crew member wears multiple hats, add each one as a separate entry.

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