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The content owner dashboard is the central location of the Filmhub web app. Here is a breakdown of what you see and what you can do from the dashboard.

Catalog List

The core component of the content owner dashboard. It provides an overview of your content in a comprehensive list. You can easily monitor and manage your catalog from here. Clicking on a title takes you to the Title View and you can proceed to the title form from there.

The list has these columns:
Name - name of the title
Format - format of the title (Single Work, Series or Episode)
Ingested - date the title was created
Last update - date on which the most recent changes were made, either by you or by our team.
QC Status - each of your titles will show one of the five statuses below.

  • Edit - you are still working on the title

  • Submitted - after you submit the title for distribution

  • Pending - when the title is being QC'd by our team

  • Failed - if something comes up during QC

  • Pass - the title is ready to go

Selected by - streaming services that have selected the title. Hover over a name gives you the selection status of that streaming service (Selected, Delivered or Live). Click on "..." to see all the streaming services. These are only streaming services that have selected your title. Those who have declined your title, and those we have promoted your title to, or removed your title from are not included.

Channel Activity List

This list shows you everything that has happened to your titles.


The filter on the left helps you easily find titles in your catalog. Filter updates both the Catalog list and the Activity list.

Add a New Title

To add a new title, click on "Add Single Work" (for standalone titles) or "Add Series" (for episodic titles that contain several episodes or clips) at the top. You will be taken to a page where you enter basic information about the title you are adding. Click "Create Single Work" or "Create Series" at the bottom to create the title. Once created, you will be taken to the title form, where you can upload your assets and continue to edit.

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