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As a filmmaker, you want to know how your titles are doing with your worldwide audience in all streaming channels. We want to let you leverage the power of metrics and data, and provide every filmmaker with a smart data layer to gain insight about your titles, anytime and anywhere. That is why we developed Performance.

You can use Performance to see high-level trends. It is particularly useful to help you track the success of different marketing efforts and promotions. Want to see if a sponsored Facebook post increased UK views in June? Now you can see the results at a glance.

In order to create the Performance, we collect data from multiple sources, including access to channel back-end raw data. We then normalize this data, taking something complex and making it simple for you. As we import new data often and regularly, Performance get updated, so check back frequently.

Important note: 

Performance shows preliminary trend data. They do not represent earnings due. Please read all about this important difference in Performance v. Earnings.

Another note: Performance is personalized to you, and is based on your time zone. Please set the timezone in your account settings to match where you live.

This video shows you how to use Performance - or just read on.

How to get to Performance

Click the "Insights" tab on the top of your dashboard.

Performance is divided into four sections

  • Metrics

  • Revenue graph

  • Filters

  • Table view


The Metrics section provides you with high level metrics overview. Metrics are a summary of what you see in the other views including the Table View, and are similarly automatically updated by your selected filters.

For the period shown and without the filters applied,

  • Channels shows you in how many different channels your titles were viewed

  • Countries shows you in how many different countries your titles were viewed

  • Titles shows how many of your titles had views

  • Revenue (estimate) shows you the total estimated revenue generated

In this example, your insights shows data for 5 titles, watched in 105 countries on 11 different channels and earning $10,601.407.

Note that Revenue is always displayed in United States dollars. We extend the display to fractions of a cent to stay precise with currency exchange rates and fine-grained reporting (fractions of a cent) by some channels.

Revenue graph

The Revenue Graph lets you visualize your titles’ performance over time. It provides you with a chart of what you see in Table View. The Revenue graph will automatically update based on your filters.

You can see your more details for any month by hovering your mouse over a dot on the line chart. A label will appear, showing you the current month and revenue.


Filters allow you to limit the data you see by different criteria, and drill down to reveal details. By default, Performance show you data for all of your titles from the beginning of time. Because you may want to focus your research, we included filters.

You can limit the data shown by

  • Date

  • Title(s) (one or more)

  • Country(ies) (one or more)

Clicking the “Filter” button after changing filters updates what you see in Metrics, Revenue Graph, and Table View displays.

The “Reset” button clears all filters and shows all data again.

Data is filtered by applying all filters together, i.e. only data satisfying all filters is shown. This allows to drill down in various levels on your performance data. For example, you can see how one of your titles did, then limit it to a certain quarter, and then limit results to a certain country.

Table view

The Table view shows your data in a spreadsheet format. The data displayed in Table view is automatically updated based on the filters your enter.


The default Table View is to show all transactions aggregated by month. For each month, you can see:

  • Watch Period: month and year

  • Titles: how many of your titles had views in that month

  • Channels: in how many channels your titles were watched in that month

  • Countries: in how many countries your titles were watched that month


You can switch between Monthly and Detail Table views by using the navigation at the top of the page.

The Detail view shows individual line items down to an individual rental, unit sold, or hour/minutes watched in a channel.

While these transactions represent the most granular level possible, different channels report different levels of detail. For example, some channels report each single view down to the minute, others consolidate all views within a month into a single line item. In any case, you get the most detailed view available here.

You can see the Report Date, Title, Channel, Country, and revenue for each line item in the Detail Table View.

*Some Channels do not report which country the title was viewed in. In this instance will see 'zz' entered under the 'Country' column.

Data updates

We strive to keep Performance data as up-to-date as possible at all times. For that we have technology in place to support auditing, retrieving, normalizing, and posting reported data from the many channels on our platform.

We aim to update Performance data at least weekly, with updates based on the reporting schedule of each channel. Some channels allow access to their backends and provide new data on a short, regular basis, so we can meet our planned update schedule. Other channels only supply reports in longer intervals, like monthly or quarterly. Performance updates for these channels obviously depend on their availability.

We recommend checking in regularly to see the most current data available and gain better insight into your titles’ performance.

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