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How much money will my movie make?
How much money will my movie make?
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Often we're asked what revenue you can expect for a title. Our general answer is, that depends. Predicting movie revenues has been attempted by many for many years, and while Filmhub uses tons of data, machine learning, and other technology to re-define distribution, it's a daunting and error-prone task.

For starters, while we transparently publish performance metrics like total generated revenue and the total number of titles on our website, using the math average total on our platform is not an indicator of performance. Since we're growing very fast in titles, at any time there is a large number of new titles not generating revenue yet: they are for example still being submitted, being QC'd, not (yet) available by managed rights, and more. And, also since we are growing so fast in orders, large amounts of titles have just hit the channels, queued to go live, or just started to generate revenue. (Read more about the reporting and payment timeline here).

Even in general, any math average is no valid revenue indicator. For example, the average revenue of all titles on IMDb is extremely low. In general, the revenue distribution of movies follows the power curve: very few with very high revenue, and many with relatively little. A math average is no good indicator here.

It's hard to predict revenue, but Filmhub offers the transparent infrastructure to generate digital revenue, collect it fast, transparently, from the first view, and without middlemen, deductions, or the murky accounting of the traditional industry. You own your title. 

If you have a hit, you will directly and fully benefit.

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