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Title Discovery & Licensing
How to find titles for your channel
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Getting Started

When you log in to your Filmhub channel account, your Dashboard will default to Catalog. Catalog displays all titles that are available for you to license, based on their available rights. 

Sort Functions

  • Recently Added - sorts by date added to the Filmhub catalog

  • Popularity Ranking - sorts by our proprietary machine learning algorithms using data sets including earnings across channels on Filmhub, festival awards, cast, consumer views and channel orders

  • Recent Production - sorts by production year

Format Types

  • Single Work - A standalone film of any length. If you'd like films of a certain length, utilize the Total Running Time filter.

  • Series - A series of Films of any length

  • Episodes - Individual films that are part of a series

Here are some searches to get you started.


Filmhub Collections are curated by Filmhub. If you'd like to have a collection curated for a topic or theme you're working on, please contact your account manager.

Licensing Titles

When you click Instant Order, delivery will be triggered automatically based on your delivery preferences

Order Status

  • None - Title never ordered

  • Selected - Title has been Selected for Delivery by your Channel

  • Delivered - Title has been delivered to your Channel. It will arrive within 3-5 days from when first marked Delivered.

  • Declined - You have decided not to license the Title.

  • Removed - You have removed the Title from Availability or the rights for the title on your Channel have expired.


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