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Content Owners often ask us why they should submit to Amazon via Filmhub when they can submit themselves directly. By going through Filmhub you get access to Amazon's Worldwide territories rather than the limited ones (typically US and UK) available by going to them direct.

The Reason: Your film can make more money when you list on Amazon through Filmhub and your film will likely get selected by more channels on Filmhub.

Already submitted to Amazon Prime Video yourself? No worries, we can help you switch.

  1. When you list on Amazon through Filmhub, you can get access to 60+ English Speaking territories if you perform well, not just the United States & United Kingdom. See here for a territory listing. These territories are growing fast on Amazon and typically make up for Filmhub's 20% revenue share.

  2. One of the major drivers of your film in our search algorithms for Channels are your title's earnings. If the Amazon earnings aren't generated through Filmhub, you lose that extra benefit in our algorithms, and other channels are less likely to see your potential success.

  3. We are now submitting films to Freevee, which is Amazon's new AVOD service in the US and UK and will be expanding to other countries in the future. They have higher pay rates, and it isn't available to list directly. Given the synergy in performance between Amazon Prime Video and Freevee, we only submit films to Freevee TV that are listed on Amazon US/UK through Filmhub.

  4. Titles submitted to Amazon via Filmhub are typically reviewed by the Amazon team within a week. If you submit as an individual film creator it typically takes 6-8 weeks. This means your film is live making money quicker.

Other Benefits on Amazon:

  • Amazon recommender synergy: “You might also like” lists your film next to other Filmhub titles, synergy of the large Filmhub catalog

Other Benefits on Filmhub:

  • consolidated reporting - see your worldwide digital revenue in one place; “one stop shopping” = convenience

  • auditing and collection with Amazon included, solving accounting problems

  • free delivery to Amazon specs: no conversion or delivery cost (post-production house etc) to Amazon with Filmhub, artwork generation, caption generation and QC

  • Filmhub QC - less danger of rejection loop on Amazon (Amazon frequently rejects titles for quality issues and often doesn't accept re-submissions. Filmhub QC can make sure the title is ready to submit)

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