Upload a Single Work
How To Upload a Single Work
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Add a New Title

Click Add Title from your dashboard.

Complete all fields on the new page. You are required to fill in the basic information for your title - Name, Description, and select a primary genre. Once these three fields are completed, click "Create Single Work" which will take you into the title form. At this point, your title has been created in our system and you can always find it from your dashboard.

One title per Audio Language. If you wish to upload multiple versions of a title in separate audio languages (dubbed) then submit as multiple titles. If just subtitled/captioned multiple languages submit as one single title.

Working with the Title Form

You can now begin adding in assets and filling out metadata fields. Work on these fields in any order, however, top down will be simplest. Like with any document or work-in-progress, save often, click the Save button at the top right of the page after you have made any changes.

The sidebar on the right provides easy navigation. The badge next to each section in the sidebar counts the number of mandatory items to complete in the section. All these mandatory items are also highlighted in Orange in the title form.

Adding Videos

In the Videos Section click the Add Video button, which will add a new Video. Each video will have the below fields:


  • Main - the main program.

  • Trailer - only one trailer is supported, so pick your best one.

  • Other - Ignore. It's for internal use only.

Spoken Language: Set this to the primary spoken language in the film.

File: Upload your film here, click Browse, find the file, and then once the file picker window is closed click Upload. Link to our uploading large files document here. Note: if your video is too compressed, after upload you will receive an orange notice in the app and be unable to submit. Be sure to read our Video requirements prior to uploading.

Description: Any specific description for the file. Also use this field to provide us with important technical details of the file, for example, the audio channel configuration when the title is not a 2 channel Stereo mix.

Chapters & Ad Breaks: Enter chapter marks accordingly to our requirements. Chapter Names are optional, Time is the exact timecode for use, Thumbnail time (if different) is for providing a better representation of the scene the chapter marker represents if desired. AVOD services in particular use these to figure when to insert ads on your content.

Text Tracks: Add as many Text Tracks as you have for each language you would like to support. Refer to our Text Tracks requirements.


Complete all applicable fields, any fields with an orange border are required. See our Metadata page for a complete breakdown of each field.

For the Managed Rights section see our Managed Rights Settings article.


On Single Works, the 2:3 (added at the top near the title Name), the 3:4, and 16:9 are required for submission. Select your image and click Upload for each image you have available. If the image does not meet our requirements for resolution or aspect ratio the app will not allow the image to be uploaded. See our Image Requirements for specifics including additional recommended images.

Any textless images, production stills, or alternative artwork can be added to the Other Images section.


Upload any music, image, and other clearance documents here. These are recommended, but not required.

Submitting the title for QC

Once you have added all needed assets and completed all applicable metadata fields, click the Submit button at the top right of the window. Note: if the Submit button is grayed out, then at least one required field has not been completed. An error will be shown near any required fields.

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