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Uploading a series follows a similar process as a single work, with a few differences which we will explain below.

To start, click Add Series from your dashboard. Same as single titles, complete all fields on the following page. Click "Create Series" which will take you into the series title form.

Series Requirements

The Series title form has all the same features and fields, with the addition of the Episodes section at the top.

  • Videos - On the series title form upload only the series trailer. Do NOT add episode videos to the series page. We only accept one trailer per series.

  • Images - Series images should be season agnostic - i.e. if you have multiple seasons in a series, choose only one set of images to represent the entire series and avoid season information in the images.

Do NOT create a series page for each season. Instead, use the Season Number for each episode to organize multiple seasons.

Episode Requirements

Each episode must have its own page. To add an episode, click Add Episode on the Series title form - this opens up a new page. Complete all fields and click "Create Episode" which will take you into the episode title form. A series must have a minimum of 2 episodes.

  • Videos - upload each episode as the main video to its own episode page. Main video and English closed captions are required. Videos should have consistent quality throughout a series. Refer to our video requirements. We recommend a minimum runtime of 20 minutes per episode (see Content Recommendations).

  • Images - episodic images are not mandatory. Only add episode-specific images here. If you plan to sell your series on Amazon, we recommend adding a 4x3 textless image as "Other Images" for each episode.

  • Metadata - only the Name, Description, and Episode # are mandatory. These are all found in the Basics section at the very top and must be filled out upon adding a new episode. All other fields can be skipped unless you want to fill in information that is episode-specific, for example, different cast and crew members for each episode. Episodes must be in sequential order with no missing episodes.

This is what a properly submitted list of episodes looks like with 2 seasons.

Submitting a Series for QC

Our team won't start the QC process until a series and ALL its episodes are submitted. Make sure all existing episodes are added and completed before you hit the Submit button.

Ongoing Season/Series

Because most channels don't allow us to deliver individual episodes to them, we don't support ongoing seasons. You must submit all episodes of a season at once.

If you want to add a new season to an existing series, please contact us.

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