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While there is no cost to upload to Filmhub, filmmakers sometimes need help with their assets or wish to make changes after their initial submissions. Here is our rate card:


Image Creation Service - $275/title

  • Provide Filmhub with 3-5 images and our graphic designers will create new artwork for your titles.

  • We create all image sizes that Filmhub accepts as part of this work.

  • If you want small revisions made to the images we can revise for $100/per round of revisions.

Image Correction Service - $75/title

Sometimes your images need a slight update to remove some production company logos, fix some stretching or padding issues, remove a billing block, etc.

Text Tracks

Text Track Creation Service - $3/min of video

We will create English closed captions for your video and guarantee the best quality.


Chapters & Ad Break Creation - $50/title (single work or episode)

We'll analyze your film and create the ad break metadata so that your film can be licensed by our Channels.

Trailer Creation (Excerpt) - $50/title

Many channels such as Tubi, Vudu, & Apple TV require a trailer as part of their deliverables. We’ll create a trailer that is a 2:00 excerpt of your film to meet this requirement.

Basic Fixes - $25/item for each main video

These video issues can be easily fixed:

  • Remove letterbox/pillarbox

  • Remove post-rolls

Deep Fixes - $100/item for each main video

These video issues might be fixable under certain conditions and will require lab work:

  • Fix non-square pixels

  • Remove pre-rolls

  • Remove redundant video streams

  • De-interlace

  • Remove duplicate frames

  • Fix unsupported frame rates

  • Fix minor audio issues such as overall low level or occasional clipping

Full Title Upload - $100/title

If you have > 200 titles on a hard drive or cloud storage system, we can handle upload for you. If assets do not meet our requirements, there will be extra charges as detailed above to get your assets to conform.

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