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How To Create Parallax-Effect Cover Art for Apple TV in Simple 8 Steps
How To Create Parallax-Effect Cover Art for Apple TV in Simple 8 Steps
Using Pixelmator Pro, it's easy to create stunning cover art with parallax effect for Apple TV in LSR format - from your existing key art.
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Parallax effect helps create an illusion of depth in an image, and works well on Apple devices and services.

You will need to create parallax artwork for the 2x3 and 16x9 images. Make sure the images you start with meet our image requirements.

*For those using a Windows machine, one of our awesome filmmaker made this quick video to help.

Step By Step Video


Image must be: 2000x3000 (2x3) & 1920x1080 (16x9)

Image must contain key art and title ONLY

Recommended but not required: create LSR in Pixelmator Pro or Photoshop

This link has information regarding the software needed to create Parallax art

How to Create LSR (Parallax) Poster Art

Step 1. “Select Subject” to mask “talent” i.e. actor(s)

Step 2. Right click on talent, “cut and paste as layer”. Now talent and background are on 2 separate layers. Rename talent layer to “Talent”.

Result: Talent Layer

Step 3. Repair Background

  1. Hide Talent layer

  2. Select Repair tool

  3. “paint” cut out talent area in background with repair brush

*Note that the background is only revealed by a few pixels in the Parallax effect on Apple TV - don’t go crazy here.


Step 4. Export Each Layer Separately

  1. Show Background Layer only

  2. Export as PNG, Display P3 profile

  3. Show Talent Layer only

  4. Export

Step 5.

Open both PNG files in Parallax viewer

Step 6. Move Talent layer above Background layer

Step 7. Hit Play button to confirm cool parallax effect

Step 8. Export → LSR → Into .itmsp folder, same name as original 2x3 PNG or 16x9 PNG (only with .lsr extension, of course). Make sure to include the title name in the file name.

Step 9. Once you have the completed file, please:

  • send both via email to [email protected] , do not attempt to upload to your title page

  • include subject: Parallax Artwork - "Title Name"

  • make sure you email from the same email associated to your Filmhub account

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