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For Producers, Distributors, and Sales Agents with a minimum of 100 titles in their catalogs, we offer a white-glove ingestion service, that makes getting started effortless.

How does it work?


Everything begins with your avails. Send us what you have, in whatever formats you have available. Filmhub will reconcile, normalize, and return to you, organized rights for you to sign off.

We need to understand what rights are available for your Movies and Shows by Territory, Channel, and Terms.

Please send us:

  • Rights-in: the rights you contracted

  • Rights-out: the rights you have sold


  • Reconciled Rights Available

You can find a rights template here, in columns AJ - AP.


The more metadata you can share the better we can sell your Movies and Shows. However, we understand complete metadata isn't always available. To get started, at minimum we need:

  • Title Name

  • Synopsis (under 256 characters)

  • Primary Genre

  • Director

  • Actors

  • IMDb ID or TMDB ID

You can find a sample metadata template here.



We require Apple ProRes 422 or 422 HQ. For additional information about Video Requirements, please click here.


We require English closed captions, preferably in SRT. For additional information about Captions Requirements, please click here.


For Movies, we require the following formats: 2:3, 3:4, 16:9. For Shows, we require 2:3, 3:4, 16:9, and a 4:3. For additional information about Artwork Requirements, please click here.

Full Title Upload - $100/title

If you have > 100 titles on a hard drive or cloud storage system, we can handle upload for you. If assets do not meet our requirements, there will be extra charges as detailed above to get your assets to conform.

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