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Title Discovery & Licensing

How to find titles for your Channel

Getting Started

When you log in to your Filmhub channel account, your Dashboard will default to the Catalog view. The Catalog displays all titles in our database - you will only be able to License titles that are available for you, based on available rights. If a title does not fall within your specified format or territories, it will show as Not Available.


If you’re looking for a specific title, use the search bar at the top of the page - you can search by name, description, or SKU.

Filter Functions

You can filter your search with multiple filters

  • Genres - Use this dropdown if you’re looking for a specific genre

  • Keywords - Keywords are broken down into more specific categories - places, time, styles, topics, etc.

  • Tags - tags are specific words or topics that have been added to a title to help identify it - If you’re looking for titles with wolves, you’d add the tag “wolves” and any title that has that tag will show up

  • Audio - filter by titles spoken in a specific language

  • Captions - filter titles by available caption languages

  • Countries - filter by Country of Origin

  • IMDb Rating & IMDb Votes - if you’re looking for a specific rating or vote count within IMDb, you can use these filters to find those.

Saved Searches

If you find a particular set of filters that work well, the filters are reflected in the URL. If you bookmark the results, you do not need to set the filters each time. We call this a "saved search".

Here are some searches to get you started.

Filmhub Collections are curated by Filmhub. If you'd like to have a collection curated for a topic or theme you're working on, please contact your licensing manager.

Sort Functions

Sort by can now be found in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.


Recent Listings - sorts by date added to the Filmhub catalog

Popularity (all time) - sorts by our proprietary machine learning algorithms using data sets including earnings across channels on Filmhub, festival awards, cast, consumer views, and channel licenses

Popularity (recent) - same as above but shows the most recent popular titles added to the catalog

Recent Productions - sorts by production year

Format Types

Movie - A standalone movie of any length. If you'd like movies of a certain length, utilize the Runtime filter.

Shows - A series of Films of any length

Licensing Titles

If a title is available to you, it will have a blue License button next to the title - When you click License, delivery will be triggered automatically based on your delivery preferences.

License Status

To view titles Licensed, removed or not licensed yet, use the Avails filter:

None - Title has not been licensed

Licensed - Title has been Selected by your Channel and will be delivered within 3-5 days

Removed - You have removed the Title from Availability or the rights for the title on your Channel have expired.