Short Films

Alternative options for short-form content

We accept a wide range of content and in some cases, you might need to make a decision on how to best organize your short-form content for monetization. Here are a few common cases and what we recommend.

Anthology Films

Anthology Films consist of several different short films, often tied together by overarching themes, events, locations, etc...Sometimes each one features a different cast and crew. Good examples are V/H/S or Paris, I Love You.

Submit anthology films as separate movies if the contained short films are meant to be consumed as a continuous piece of content. We require there to be only ONE (1) set of end credits for all the individual films at the conclusion of the anthology.

Collection of Short Films

You can also submit a curated collection of loosely connected short films as a Show, however, there are some drawbacks:

  • Most channels only accept 1 set of metadata per Show. Information specific to each film, such as cast and crew, might not display.

  • The Audience might not be able to find each film in search.

  • Channels might not report sales per episode.

If you still decide to submit a collection of short films as a Show, it's recommended to create good branding (artwork that best represents all the films, series-opening sequences for each, etc.), and video specs should be consistent across the episodes.


Based on our Content Recommendations, the ideal run time for a movie or an episode should be longer than 15 mins.

For mini-series or web-series with very short run time per episode, you can either:

  • Combine all episodes into a movie

  • Combine several episodes to make each episode longer. For example, instead of 30 5-minute episodes, submit as 6 25-min episodes.

Either way, you must remove any opening/ending credits or mentioning of episode numbers in between.