Review guidelines for inserting timecodes for Chapter Breaks. These will be used by ad-supported platforms.


  • Chapters are recommended and only apply to the Main Video (not to trailers or other videos). These are just timestamps and should not be in the Main Video file.

  • No Chapters in the first or last 5 minutes. After the first Chapter, each subsequent Chapter must be every 8-12 minutes. Your first Chapter break can be at any point after 5 minutes.

  • Chapter 1 always starts at timecode 00:00:00:00.

  • For titles less than 20 minutes, only 2 Chapters are allowed.

  • For titles less than 10 minutes, no Chapter is allowed.

  • All time codes must be frame-accurate.

  • Frames in the time codes must match the video's frame rate or you will not be able to submit. For example, entering "27" as FF for a 24 fps video is invalid.

How to Enter

  • In the Video section, scroll down to Chapters.

  • Each Chapter has three fields:

    • Name - name of the chapter.

    • Time - timecode of the start point of the chapter. It's also the time location where the advertisement break is inserted. Must be frame-accurate.

    • Thumbnail Time (optional): timecode of the thumbnail. The frame at this exact time location is used as the thumbnail image for this chapter on some streaming services.

  • Enter "00:00:00:00" as the first one, click the "Add" button to create the next.


  • It is best to place a Chapter after a scene's end or before a major lighting change.

  • Try to avoid placing ad breaks in the middle of a monologue, dialogue, or action sequence.

  • It is best to find scene changes with black frames in between. If not available, use the timecode of the first frame of the next scene/shot.

  • Use the Filmhub video player to identify the best spots - we ONLY support Chrome browser for this at the moment:

    • Go to the beginning of the time range where you want your next ad break to be

    • Play the video, find a scene change, extended transition, or clean cut. Use the Left or Right arrows on your keyboard to jump 10 secs back or forward if needed.

    • Once you find the spot, pause a few seconds right before it, and use "." key on your keyboard to step frame forward until you get to the very first frame of the next scene/shot, enter the timecode displayed on the left of the progress bar.