Piracy Concerns

Protecting your title(s) on the Internet

The best way to combat piracy is to make your film available on as many reputable services that pay well. When watchers are unable to find your title to watch - they will then head to piracy sites to stream your title.

How do my Movies or Series get pirated?

Bad actors can basically go to any site that your film is streaming including sites like Amazon and screen record and pirate your film. There is frankly nothing you can do to fully protect against this. The only thing you can really do is monitor sites and when you find an illegal copy has been posted you will need to file DMCA takedown request with that site. DMCA contact forms can be hard to find on each Channel's site and sometimes you will have to find their parent company to file the takedown request.


Before you file a DMCA takedown make sure you verify that the Channel is not operated as a Brand of one of the Channels your title is delivered to. Check the Channels tab in your Dashboard to confirm.