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Resources to help market your title

The film community often reaches out to Filmhub to connect with producers. Here are a few that could be helpful in your marketing efforts. For any questions - please reach out to them directly.

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Paid Resources

The following resources are services that have been used by producers on Filmhub with success in the past. Filmhub does not receive revenue for these referrals. We just want your film to succeed. All resources here have varying plans available from low 1000s and up.

EPEC Media - Michelle and her team and EPEC Media are a wealth of knowledge and have worked with many major and smaller releases and have deep experience in PR/branding for films. Please follow the link and click 'Get in Touch.'

October Coast PR - Well known in independent film PR, October Coast is another solid go-to.

Free Resources

"Film Fervor offers interviews, reviews, and social media sharing to a growing audience of independent producers and fans. If you're an independent producer and need to have your films promoted, contact us and join the community""


Not Suitable For Anyone

"Not Suitable For Anyone is a podcast about obscure, micro-budget, under-appreciated, or simply inappropriate films. Whether it's horror, sci-fi, dark comedy, or just an all-around genre-bending film, it's fair game. Join me for the latest news and updates in the underground film community, along with great conversations with producer, writers, and fellow podcasters where anything goes! Contact us about featuring your film on our podcast!"