Create/Update Your Account

Create your Filmhub account and update account settings.

In this guide:

How to create your Filmhub account

  1. Click on "Get Started" in the upper right corner.

  2. Sign up by typing in your email address or using the Google or Facebook extension.

  3. Check your email inbox, on the same device, for a sign-in link (using a desktop/laptop is recommended).

  4. Click the link to verify it’s you, and you will be directed to the Filmhub home page.

How to update your account settings

Click on your profile (name/email) in the bottom left corner to pull up your Account Settings:

Personal Info

Full Name
  • Enter your name in the format of "FirstName LastName".


  • Enter the primary email associated with your Filmhub account.


  • Enter your phone number.


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